GMAT Studies: I Can’t Learn Anything New


GMAT Studies: I Can’t Learn Anything New

We come across to those students whose pain is “I have studied for past 3 months still my score is 500” , “ I find difficulty in solving RC (Reading Comprehension) Questions” “I’m unable to solve quant problems on time” likewise infinite queries our counselors counsel. Before going further, you should take the following three things into considerations:

  1. Treat GMAT like any other competitive test,
  2. GMAT test is not the last resort
  3. Love it, and set your mind free and then go for it.

Indeed, there are few sections in the GMAT test which are extensively boring like RC and Data Sufficiency (DS) is far behind to extract the exact data. You can’t run from such things as these are the components and excellence in these bestowed you with a good GMAT score.

To hit the GMAT score of 700+, change the perspectives for approaching the articles, here we’re unveiling them

Approach Each Question Individually

First of all, try to solve the questions individually from the each topic. Doing this you’ll be able to identify your weakest and strongest nerve. With more clear basics you’ll be able to understand the twist and twirl of the GMAT questions. Initiate the problem solving with very basics questions and slowly and gradually rise up the difficulty level. At the exam centre you shouldn’t feel like I ‘saw’ it, I ‘read’ that, but I ‘don’t know’ how to solve, which can be disastrous.

Take the Questions as a ‘Challenge’

Once your basics are clear, you’ll start taking the questions as challenge as it will ignite an interest in you for solving the questions. You can reach this level after solving ample of practice test, studied devotionally with zeal of learning new things. This will create an insight for solving the problems with proper shortcuts and techniques. With the passage of time your familiarity with the questions will increase the more you solve the questions.

In this context, you can take help experienced test takers, or you can move to the app based or online GMAT study providers.

Measure Your Performance With Mock Test:

To know your stand accurately where you stand in the GMAT test, take GMAT mock test regularly. They are your best friends and exactly reflects performance graph where you have to work hard more to reach the average or beyond than the average marks. After completing any topic either from quant or verbal schedule a mock test. we recommend take a mock before start preparing for GMAT test, it will give you an idea what are you weak nerves and what are your strong bones, hence, you can devote time according to that. Include the following strategies in your preparation schedule and you can be 690+ scorers.



Author: Dr. Vijaykumar Meti

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