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The chartered plane carrying top Brazilian football team Chapecoense Real, crashed in the mountains of Colombia outside the city of Medellin killing 71 and miraculously  leaving just six survivors.

Team members posed together for a picture in Bolivia ahead of take-off as they were travelling to Colombia for the biggest game in the club’s history, the Copa Sudamericana finals , South America’s second biggest club tournament but their journey came to a devastating end when the jet crashed down in remote mountains at about 10.15 pm.

A crew member reported that ” the lights on the aircraft suddenly went out ”  ” Electrical failures ” is reported to be the main cause for the crash , the investigators have found its two black box recorders at the site of the disaster . The manufacturer’s spokes person told AFP the British Aerospace 146 airliner has been in operation since 1999 , the aircraft was used by two other airlines before the present Bolivian company LAMIA acquired it.

Supporters of Brazil’s soccer team Chapecoense attended the Mass at the city’s Cathedral in Chapeo , Brazil on Tuesday . Pele and Maradona the football legends with current soccer stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo paid  tributes to the players of Chapecoense Real .

The same plane was used two weeks ago to fly the Argentine national team with Messi on board to San Juan , Argentina for a World Cup qualifying match specialist sites reported . Four people , a club official , a jounalist , the mayor of the team’s hometown and the city council president had not boarded the flight as per the passenger manifest .

The mayor , Luciano Buligon , told Brazil’s TV Globo ” It’s one of those things in life. Only God knows why I ended up staying behind “.