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 World over there is an increasing concern about the global warming. The government along with various NGO’s in its endeavour for creating awareness about environment is doing its best. All of us need to take this responsibility collectively for a better tomorrow. Conserving environment cannot happen only in words but with our actions. All of us need to change our mindset and take collective responsibility for conserving our Natural resources , save & plant more trees , re-use , recycle and help making this planet greener and healthy.

Essence of digital media continues to permeate stronger day by day. New York Times makes more money from online subscription than from advertising. Their digital subscribers grew more than 13% in the quarter of  the year to 6,68,000. The year 2012 projected both the opportunity and challenges they faced as company.

Ont the other hand 91 year old Iconic magazine Reader’s Digest went  bankrupt, due to dwindling print circulation and advertisement revenue, because of  consumer’s shift from print to electronic media.

There are a lot of  Digital things happening in today’s world like Digital India campaign, Digital legacy, banks are sending digital statements of accounts to its customers. From email and e-banking to shopping and social media sites, Indians  have expanded their online footprint.

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