Hamida Abid – Introduction


Hamida basically a homemaker and mother of  three school going children is from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia , while some women strive to learn cooking to the best of their abilities to please their  better half , as the old saying goes ( the way to men’s heart is via their stomach ).

Unlike many who are struggling to learn the art of cooking best dishes . In case of Hamida , it is not so , she is gifted with excellence in culinary skills, passionate for cooking, with perfection in taste and presentation of food …….
Enjoys preparing different types of cuisines and sharing them with others…..

Her passion in this field has led to start her own venture of  Hamida’s Homemades – food preparations ( marinades and sauces) ….. If she continues her passion one day Hamida’s Homemades should become a brand to reckon with till then she will continue to tickle your taste buds .

Recipes of mouth watering dishes…. by Hamida at www.peoplesmediatoday.com